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The Byron Bay Writers Festival

Sunday 5 August, such an exciting day at the Kids Big Day Out! With an action packed roster of talented authors, inspiring individuals and creative illustrators all telling their story I was chuffed to be wearing my backstage pass along with them.

My illustrator, Misa Alexander and I had planned and rehearsed our 'show,' we had packed the car with our bigger than life-sized dice, character cut-outs and banners and collected our goodie bags from the door.

But working with a 3 week old baby adds a bit of a logistical nightmare to the situation. Who was going to be looking after Louella? When and where could I feed her? Would I start leaking milk half way through my set? We were getting all the children to dance in fun and different ways but that meant I had to dance on stage! I was struggling with walking, let alone dancing. But the show must go on and dance I did!

I eventually figured out all of those problems and Louella got the youngest attendee award. But most of all speaking in front of 300 kids and parents was such a rush. Kids were laughing, dancing, brainstorming, debating, I loved it.

What a bonus to writing a book to be able to participate in such a rewarding event and hear the kids whisper, "that's the person who wrote Fergus & Delilah" as I gingerly wheel my pram to the back room so I can feed my hungry baby.

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